About Kathryn

Member of Speech Pathology Australia (SPA)
Member of The Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists (HKAST)

Kathryn Tse-Durham qualified with a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology Studies at the University of Queensland in Australia, where she also graduated with a Bachelor degree majoring in Clinical Psychology with Honours, minoring in Linguistics. Kathryn is Australian-Chinese, having immigrated to Australia at the age of four. She is Native-proficient in English and conversant in Cantonese.

Kathryn loves music, art, reading, and creative writing. As the creator of a book series, The Ellanor Chronicles, she is the author of the fantasy novel 'Ellanor and the Search for Organoth Blue Amber' (2014), available on Amazon and various online retailers, and its sequel 'Ellanor and the Curse of the Nine-Tailed Fox' (June 2015). Kathryn continues to pursue her love for writing as she works as a Speech & Language Therapist in private practice. She is energetic and has a passion for teaching and learning; she loves working with children, as well as teenagers and adults.

Kathryn has been working in Hong Kong since 2005 as a Speech & Language Therapist with English-speaking children, most of whom come from bilingual families in Hong Kong. She was a visiting SLT for the PRTA (The Practice, Research & Training Centre on Autism), which is part of the Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council.

From 2012-2014, Kathryn was contracted as Curriculum Consultant to RockABaby Learning Centre (RAB), founded by renowned local and international musicians and artists. RAB has evolved into a full-scale international kindergarten, Miles International Academy. Along with other consultants, Kathryn advised the company on syllabus development and relevant contemporary research on child development, especially relating to speech and language skills and how music education could help facilitate such skills in young children. She also wrote a monthly column for their newsletter, Rockazine.

For several years, Kathryn worked at the Watchdog Early Learning and Development Centre in Central Mid-Levels. Prior to that, she worked for a private practice near Central. Kathryn has been working with English-speaking preschool children with Special Needs (e.g. Autism, Down Syndrome, Learning Disability, dysfluency, speech and language delay). Kathryn has also provided services to various schools in Hong Kong, including Australian International School, Hong Kong International School, and Shatin Junior School. She continues to work primarily with students who attend ESF (English Schools Foundation) and international schools.

Kathryn qualified with TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) in Australia. She has successfully worked with many bilingual children who struggle with English as a Second Language (ESL), as well as local adults interested in improving their English. Some of her former local students attended elite schools such as the Hang Seng School of Commerce and Diocesan Girls’ School.

Kathryn has collaborated with the Cambridge Institute of English (CIE) since 2005 teaching commercial English courses for customer service staff in retail and private banking. She has also conducted English Grammar courses for local Hong Kong adults through CIE.


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